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Oh, I love this story! I understand Joy's mentality completely.

However, I'm not to sure about the repetition of the beginning and the ending of the peice. But that's my opinion.
This is so nice - it's a refreshing look at the rain and how something so seemingly simple can fulfill a person's longing. Nicely done and well versed.
"...wonders she saw in each little drop before they were lost...." should read "before IT WAS lost" to match singular "each...drop." Other than that miniscule slip, this is absolutely perfect writing! You have beautifully expressed the rain using all the senses. I love it! I will have to add you to my 'favorites!'
This is a wonderful story about the magnificence of God's wonders all around us. You did a great job of describing each of the five senses too. I found it a little hard to keep my interest, but it did make me want to read it too with the way it was written (does that make any sense??). I didn't think you needed the repetition at the end, but I did like your final thought.
I liked the repetition at the end! A suitable frame for this piece.

This story is beautifully written! Your wordsmithing is artful. The story lacks conflict, however--one of the essential elements to keep your reader "hooked."

I found this a lovely word picture. I look forward to reading more of your work.
Beatiful useage of words! You crafted the essence of each delight.

Maybe you could 'show' us something to set up the introduction of each sense instead of telling what's coming.

I too liked the repetition at the end. But I would have used the exact words you used in the beginning. I liked them. Good opening.
I liked how you used rain in comparison to God's love. It makes understanding God seem a little more possible.