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Great verse. Very meaningful and makes one ponder whether they to are doing the very same thing week after week. One little suggestion, break up your poem into stanzas. it makes it easier to read.
"Say amen, then depart, thinking you have done your part..." This is the best line, and very pointed.
This is good. It might could be song lyrics.
Hmm, yes, a song - also makes us consider if we are merely making the motions or are we real? Nicely done.
This is great. I think every pastor should recite to this to his congregation to shake them up!Good job!
Apathy can creep into your life if your not careful. Some spaces between the lines would make this easier to read. I forget to do that myself sometimes.

Jesus said that the greatest in the Kingdom was the servant of all.

He also said (paraphrasing) to do your good deeds in secret and God will reward you openly.

I used to look at people and think they weren't doing much until I spied them doing something good in secret like the Bible says.
So while there are people who are apathetic, there are a lot of people who are doing good deeds in secret because they are doing it for God to see and they dont care whether you or I see it or not.