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Good job, and nice comparison between physical bondage and bondage to one's past. I like your title for Jesus: Bondage Breaker.
I enjoy articles that direct people where to find hope and freedom from any sort of bondage. You might want to double space between paragraphs for easier reading. I had to do the same when I first started writing. Bless you in your efforts.
What you write here is important. Other than double spacing paragraphs and maybe tweaking to separate the longer ones into more thought-binding ones (for the reader to chew on), I was wondering if switching the first two paragraphs would help?

Good read!
Good job. Everyone else said exactly was I was going to! Great message.
Good use of the topic - "Lock"; however, it is not reader friendly, as the paragraphs are not properly separated by double spacing; thus making an awesome task for a reader. Thanks for sharing.