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I was drawn to you words in your poem, and found myself thinking about my own life. I really enjoyed the dramatic viewpoint on life and death and God's mercy. Thank you, you've inspired me.
There's some good, unusual vocabulary here.
This was beautiful. SO few words, conveyed such an powerful story. I loved the fresh words you used throughtout. Powerfully written!
I liked the analogy blended with poetic force. Very nice! God bless ya, littlelight
"My fist raised by the strength of a Body broken..."
Wow, just wow. This was powerful stuff, and I predict that you will not long be in Beginners.
I loved this especially: "There but for the grace of you, go I" - a neat twist on an old saying. It nailed your point. Good job.
The word choices are very strong. The message is outstanding. All in all a very powerful piece. Good luck with your writing!
Very poetic -some good images and well done comparison.
Very powerful and compelling! I agree - you won't be long in beginners. If I could make one suggestion, it would be to break up the paragraphs into a more linear form - turn it into free verse poetry. But don't change your choice of words at all. Amazing work!
Your descriptions are so vivid and your words so well-chosen, I felt that, instead of prose, I was reading poetry. I had to reread this because it almost seems symbolic of the plight of mankind in general and each individual in particular. One I could read again and again. Wow!
This is short, but I really liked it. I would like to see it written in prose/poetry form. very good.