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Very touching, and what a true message. Hope we don't wait so long to receive it. God bless ya, littlelight
This was very well written. I believe that every good work of literature should have a line that grabs the reader, and that line was "I added these things to you and now I am seeking."

Well done :).
I agree with the others -- a very touching and well-written story. I think most of us with gray hair can relate, but it's never too late with the Lord! Great job!
This was a well written article. I enjoyed the line,"Now, as I sit with my graying strands of my hair blowing in the same wind, but in a different car," it was a very good transition. Your messege was very clear and the story was well written, but I felt your last few lines were a bit out of place. As if you had to put them there in order to keep in line with the topic. Still, a very well written peice. Good job!
I love this piece! Your emotions and visual imagery is right on target. As for the topic, however, I have to agree with Jessica. Your conclusion needs a little more balance. To solve that, you could have referred to specific "pieces" throughout your text. For example, the relationship with Christ that was severed...a broken piece. The death of a son was another piece broken. That would tie in with your topic as well as balance your entire writing "piece" (pun intended) as a whole. That being said, I think that after tweaking this piece a little, your should add it to your portfolio for submission to a Christian Women's magazine. Also, I feel strongly that you should consider moving up a level or two. You are definately NOT a beginner! Keep on keeping on. I look forward to seeing more of your work. (smile)
I enjoyed your article very much. It is the type of writing that belongs in a higher level! Great job.