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I think all women can really relate to this article. Dusting is just a part of keeping house, but if we dread it, its still ok. Even the White House has dust! The word usage was great throughout this piece. This was a wonderful and upbeat article!
With me, it's my husband who cares about the dust, not me! But I liked the way it made me reflect that we let dust pile up in our lives, it keeps us from enjoying the sponatenous blessing that could happen if we looked at the things your father and husband know really matters
I loved this article. I can relate so much!!!! The point was incredible. Direct, clear and honest. Great writing, great lesson, great job!
You got me to click straight away with your very interesting title. IMHO, a well constructed title is vitally important and is what initially draws the reader to your work. The job then becomes, keeping them reading. Well, guess what? You succeeded in both areas! This is a very unique approach to the Challenge topic: Hospitality- btw… I like unique. You r ability to break away from the norm, created a most thought-provoking read! I will never look at the task of dusting in quite the same way, again... that is a GOOD thing. :) Exceptional reading, thank you! Now I’m off to do a wee bit of introspecting. God’s blessings. = - Nancy
What an enjoyable read!
Welcome to Faithwriters. I loved this piece. It was my favorite in this section. I particularly enjoyed your friendly style of writing and humor. I loved the analogy of the dust being like a veil of fear of sharing and giving yourself away. And the conclusion was a big grin. Where did I put that Pledge? Great job. Congratulations on a well deserved win.