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I really like the realistic characters you created here, and the mother's handling of the situation. A few edits for comma usage and consistent tense will make this a superb entry.
Well I was right there with them! You described the scene very well and I think the mom was very realistic as well! Made me happy I live in Fla and no more ice!!Brrr...
Ditto to Jan's comments. The characters read real and your descriptions of the icy surroundings worked very well!
Ice is the worst to drive in! Well done -and nice dialog with the kids :)
I identified with this one. Made me shiver. I have never had to flee from an ice storm. But, this past hurricane season, I was faced with two hurricanes. In the aftermath of Katrina, I found myself directing a hurricane relief shelter. Then when Rita targeted my hometown, I found myself fleeing. Thanks for them memories! Good job!
A well written, fast paced, story with realistic characterization and a strong sense of place. I particularly like the mum giving thanks and allying the kids rears that they were being punished. Yeggy

Wow! I've never experienced anything like this! You took us right along with you! Good job!