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You did a very good job with her interior monolog...I felt as if I really knew this sad young woman.

This left me with some questions, though. Being independent isn't of itself bad--why was this girl so lonely? Why was her boyfriend's house silent at Christmas?

Did "Mom" write this as an effort to understand her daughter's POV?
I didn't expect it to be written by mom! Yet, I know the feeling here. Your children leave and they call when they want to and seem to tolerate when you call! So you get on with your life, make one for yourself and suddenly they tell you that you don't care as much any more! No win situation? When my daughter was young, in school and away from home, I know I was tolerated but then at some point it changes and they want you back in their life. Kinda of amazing...enjoyed the read
So much for Who has time for Whom? Eh? I guess that is the message here, but it was well written and I enjoyed reading it - as it reminded me of myself when I left home. Thanks for sharing.