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This was stated so well, the longing fulfilled, the shedding of shame, the overflowing love.
I felt a thrill in my heart with the words, "Ever so often He would gaze at each one of us with a glowing smile that made you feel like you were the only one there and He had come just for you alone. He would say lovingly; “Come along my child, the Father is waiting to see you.” It was such a wonderful expectation; to really stand before God. What would I say to The Creator of the Universe? The great I AM. My Abba, Father. The most powerful feelings of love, peace and contentment had overtaken me as we soared through the heavens. No fear, no regrets, just love."

It's great to escape. The very word 'escape' means freedom from something not pleasant. The excitement and joy you conveyed in your article come from your knowledge of Jesus and what He does in your life. This was very well written.
Loved this! I had almost the exact dream you described, exclaiming how I never thought it would happen but here we were GOING UP.

We WILL escape. It hurts my heart to think of those who will not listen, who cannot hear and will NOT escape. (I am torn between wanting Him to return soon and wanting a little more time to bring more into the fold).Anyway, lovely piece. I like the way you think. :0)