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This was very cute. I enjoyed it..I did have some trouble with it in present tense..don't know why, I found myself wanting to read it in past tense. Enjoyable!:)
This was a great story, good dialogue. I could picture the two trees in our own city park.
I, too, had some difficulty with this being in present tense; you were consistent with the tense throughout with only one slip near the bottom ' “Faith, you are famous,” said Charity.'
Some misplaced or missing quotation marks in this paragraph: '“The town’s citizens read about the old oak tree’s mistletoe. They come to see.
Some walk. Some drive their cars. The people stop and look. “It’s beautiful,”
they’d exclaim.'
The lesson? Sometimes unexpected things adorn us with a beauty sent from God Himself. Good job!
It's shameful to say, but I read this because of the Title; and I learned something I didn't know. A question mark after "Do you want to be decorated?" when Charity asks Faith...and otherwise a cute story and creative. Thank you for sharing.
I agree wit the other comments, except about the present tense. It worked fine for me. It reads like a children's story and has a great lesson, even the facts about the mistletoe are interseting. The grammar and punctuation need some work, though. Great job, keep it up!