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I have to agree with you that even though God is in control, we have a responsibility to Him to walk in obedience.
You make some wonderful points. I could definitely see myself in your example. I think at times, we all have experienced this in some way or another. I agree it is a cop out. You definitely reminded me to check myself and to take my problems to God right away.

My main red ink would be to omit the explaining lines about what you're going to say next like There's not time and space or let me explain. This is just a personal preference, but when the author directly asks the reader a question or uses phrases like above, I tend to brace myself for a possible "preachy" article.

I don't think your article felt too preachy, but I wondered if it would be in the beginning, which distracted me slightly. Instead, I might suggest you use the first person instead of the second. For example:
I cringe when people throw their hands up in helplessness and say, “God has everything under control.” It often happens after they exhausted every human solution. I think, as Christians, we should look to God first.

I did like the examples you gave. You did a great job of presenting your message in a passionate way. I could easily hear the inflections that you might use if you were to read it aloud to me. That's not always easy to do. I think you definitely wrote on topic. Keep writing and reading as many other challenges as possible. You did a good job on this one.