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Draws the reader in very well. Sometimes we don't recognize what we have until it's gone. It's a blessing to get it back.
Definitely a favorite on this level. Gave me a lump in the throat, and that's a good thing.
This was very nice!
I choked too. This was very touching. Reminds me of the prodical son in a special way. Very well done. Thank you for sharing. God bless ya, littlelight
I got Misty too. Touching and Powerful.

"A familiar, age wearied face peered through the open door the tiny shelter. The sunlight accentuating every crease and wrinkle his lifetime of experience had earned him. “Wha … What are you doing here?” his voice started to crack, and the hint of a tear formed in his eyes.

“This is the first Sunday of spring,” I said in a querying tone. He just nodded. “The church still holds a spring potluck, don’t they?”"

Thank you Tin and Congratulations on 3st Place Winner!
God's Blessing, Helen
It is difficult to type while tears are streaming down my face, and one hand is holding a tissue to my nose - but I have to tell you how much I liked your story. You should have moved out of Beginners, you you have made it big time twice that I know of...and I haven't finished reading your stuff yet! Great story, great writing and Congratulations..."You've Arrived!" Kudos!
This is very good. Not wonder it was a winner.