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Good word pictures, interesting observations. Seemed like it was more about winter, though.
Quite a few verbs are missing their endings. Be careful with that--this is a sweet piece, full of hope.
I agree that this seemed more about winter than spring. Lots of "s's" missing from words..always check the grammar..even a missing 's' or other ending to a word can often halt the reader or change the meaning.
Lovely points you made. I agree with Jan. A little bit of editing here and there, work on the grammar end, and this will be a nice peice. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless ya, littlelight
The typo's and grammar problems took the reader away from the message. Need to edit your story a little more, and work on spelling and grammar. We had a "Winter" subject a couple weeks ago, and I was looking for a little more Spring in the story. Thank you for sharing, and God Bless.
Thank you all for taking the time to comment.( :

You are so Right. I was still in the winter mode. ( : I rushed and enter it and let Microsoft Word correct it, sometimes Microsoft Word is not always right.

Your Comments are so Appreciated. I totally need to work on these things and I will before I do any more Challenge Writing.

We learn so much from your Comments. Keep up the Good work Guys.

I got Chrisman for Christmas (LOL) I will keep on writing and get better.
Thanks again.
God's Blessing, Helen
I am embarrass to have this one be read by others, ( : but the Good lesson I learn is to Not Rush and Proofread First.

I am not giving up.
Thanks again.

God's Blessing. With Love, Helen
Dear Helen,

Looks like everyone has already pointed out to your grammar, spelling or off-the-topic mistakes. So I don't think it it is necessary for me to pin-point.

Apart from that, it is nice to note courage, in that, you are not disheartened by the comments. Willingness to want to share in Jesus in different forms, perhaps in poetry or prose, is an excellent way of witnessing.

It's okay to make mistakes as long as you take note of it and try to correct it if you feel you should.

Jesus loves you... He always has and always will.

love you in Jesus..... Mandy