The Official Writing Challenge
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Beautifully written!

God bless~
I feel that this writing assignment was just that: a writing assignment.

If Jesus wasn't listed as the LORD AND CHRIST on the Pros side, there is no reason to try the live a life like a Christian.

Sorry but I did not look for anything else.

Let the topics stir your interests, fears, longings or even pain to bring forth something unique or maybe even something different.

Keep writing from your inner self.
Your descriptions were very good and I liked your writing style, but I have one issue. The mindset for someone to follow Christ because it is the best for them isn't very correct. We should follow Him because He made us, He is God and we know he always has our best in mind!
Keep it up! :)
It's interesting that you chose this way to present the topic. I have interacted with people who take it even farther and seem to want to make a business plan out of Christianity.

It is definitely a choice, though, that nobody can make for anybody else.

Good job.