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Thank you for sharing this intense story with us. Praise God for His healing and miraculous hands of grace, love and mercy.

There are so many people who come to the Lord after these life and death experiences, and their testimony is a strong witness to God and His mercy.

Excellent writing.

God bless~
Wow! That was a beautifully written and intense story. I especially loved this line " life and death were quarreling over her." I am so glad the outcome was one of victory. Thanks for sharing!
This sounds like a difficult life story to write about and a more difficult one to have lived through.

W may not know if it was a test for the other person or a test for our own faith. But when we pass the test, we have both grown.

It pleases God to work in us in a variety of ways.

Good story. Well written.
Thank you for sharing your personal story. It is well written, authentic, on topic and compelling.
I agree with other commenters--that was intense and compelling!

"Many times it takes the experience of suffering to view the ordinary differently, and learn the art of enjoying every small detail" -- so true, and beautifully put.
What a powerful testimony of the faithfulness of God. And a tribute to great faith in the face of adversity. This should be polished just a bit and definitely published! The message is one that many people need to hear. Thank you for your courage and commitment in sharing it here. Blessings!
This story really choked me up. I could feel a mother's pain, and pray I never experience that firsthand. You did a wonderful job of sharing your emotions with the reader.

The last paragraph felt almost like it was added to make this story on topic. I used to do similar things before I realized that writing on topic means the whole story should be about the pros and cons. If this were a fiction story, I'd encourage you to have to weigh the odds between life support or taking her off it. Of course, I'm so grateful that in real life you didn't have to weigh that decision.

I also understand that sometimes God calls us to write a story and we must be obedient to him. There are so many criteria that you did nail. The beginning had a great hook. You showed the conflict immediately and built suspense with each word. You have a clear message and it is as relatable in everyday life as it is in life and death situations. One criterion I rarely comment on is publishability. I think this piece is perfect for the testimony contest. If you haven't entered yet, I'd really urge you to do so. This story could be in a book and touching countless hearts in a year or so. I truly believe that is why God wanted you to write this story and I sincerely hope you'll pray about submitting it to the contest. It's superb.
Good job! Congrats on the win! :)

God bless~

God bless~
Powerful story. Congratulations on your EC.
You did a wonderful job painting this tragedy with hope. Well done and congratulations on your level win and high EC ranking.