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Oh, I really enjoyed this clever and well written story. Great message too!

God bless~
Very well written, I could see the scene as if I was there. I could almost smell dinner cooking. Yes, our kids and grandkids do need fine tuning from time to time, and can be a definite source of embarrassment (usually at the worst possible time).
Very descriptive story that invites us into your setting, and leads up to the kind of credible close that strikes a chord with all of us. Well done.
You set the scene well, establish your characters solidly and show better than you tell. All very good qualities.

I particularly like how you tied it all together with the positive and slightly embarrassing side effects of having a child who always speaks their mind (I've got a few of those).

You did a great job with this entry, it kept me interested to the end.

Thanks for sharing.
You did a great job on this. I could relate to kids "telling all".

A delightful entry.

God bless - Trudy
I really enjoyed this story, beginning to the end, where
you tied a bow of humor on it.
Your message on teaching your children honesty was excellently done.
It is a shame when a writer grabs my heart and humbles me. You won't be a "beginner" long. Excellent.
Nice article. I enjoyed reading it.
Quite brilliant development of your MC. The conversation came across very believable and the reaction of the daughter at the dinner table brought back some memories.

Splendiferous! For some odd reason I'm really hungry now :-)
You did an excellent job of pulling me into the story. And you chose something I think every parent has experienced: the honesty of a child to the point of embarrassment at times. This should do really well. I look forward to your next entry too.
God bless~
I had a feeling... Congratulations on a great piece and a fine 1st.
Congratulations on ranking 1st in your level and 20 overall! The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.
Hi Milly -

I was about to send you a critique, but I don't think it's necessary. Congratulations on your well deserved win.

Seriously, this was so well written. I'll look forward to reading your other entries.

God bless
A very nicely written story. I especially liked your term 'evaporating experience' which sums up the dreaded meltdown perfectly.

Congratulations on your first place level win.