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I loved did a great job! Oh, to have the simple faith of a child!
This piece started with a long list of words many would stumble over, or not know the meaning of. It looked too scholarly, but you did a nice job of taking all that learning, and making it secondary to our trusting in Him. Keep writing.
Excellent writing!

God bless~
It seemed well constructed and easy to follow.

At least we do know that the dead in Christ will rise first and then we who are alive will follow.
Sounds like you've been down those well worn paths that many of us have at least investigated. Good approach to the topic and well said.

Many years ago, I decided that if someone was going to predict a date for the end times, the rapture, or Christ's return, that I would not even bother hearing what they had to say. This based on the scripture which states no man knows the day nor the hour. The season will be evident however. I believe we are living very close to the end right now, but I could be wrong. One thing is certain. Jesus said He will come "Soon" and "quickly".

You held my interest well all through the piece. Perhaps it would make it even more interesting and exciting to use a little more descriptive language of a few end-time events, which we are certain will happen. Maybe throw in some prophecies that have been fulfilled in preparation for Christ's return.

Keep the good work coming.
This is an interesting piece. First of I learned some new words which I always enjoy doing. You had a strong beginning that set the stage for the rest of your story.

The one red ink I would offer would be to make it more personal. Because many similar stories will be written about what you wrote, using your story would help it stand out. For example, as a child, I was terrified of the rapture happening. I remember people being so sure they would go to a place after selling everything and wait. I often wonder what happened to their faith; did they lose it.? Feel foolish and become withdrawn. I still struggle with this today. Your Scripture selection and advice helped me--not to say I should go back to being a terrified child, but to a trusting one who knows God lives me so much that I don't need to be paralyzed by my fear because I know Jesus will care me.
I think you did a nice job with the ending. You wrapped it up nicely. On the message boards is a great thread called Jan's Writing Basics. This week she is going over suggestions on ending your story. She is asking for people to share examples of their ending. This is a wonderful resource for all levels of writers. Jan is great about responding to each post personally. You did a nice job, covering the topic. I liked the remembering how Jesus told us to come as children. I thought it was different and thought-provoking. Jesus reassures us that he will take care of us. Nice job.
Congrats! God bless~
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