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Thank you for the encouragement. The Bible verses help to develope each paragraph, but I would recommend opening with a bang! Find a eye-catcher that will grab your reader's attention from the 1st line and keep them through to the end. Keep writing.
Oh! I also like your golf ball analogy.
Good work creating this devotional style piece. There were a few spelling errors, but your message still came across well. Keep up the good work.

Be careful with using words like "your" where it should be "you're". Make sure to read over your piece several times before submitting. It's easy to miss our own mistakes.

I hope to read your future entries. I like your style.
Great devotional!

In the sentence, "The seemingly perfect Man or Women is more likely to depend on there own abilities.", "there" should be "their".

While I love reading scripture, as a general rule , we should be careful in using too many direct quotes. You want the writer to read your writing, not someone else's.

The use of scripture in the last paragraph was excellent. You summed it up in your own words and referenced the scripture.

Good job and God bless!
Congratulations for ranking 7th in your level! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.)