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I am praying that God will give me the discernment I need to hear His voice correctly so that I may fulfill His calling for me in my old age. In the meantime, I am learning to come to God to let him lead me. The only thing that I know for sure I have heard from God on is my writing, and I am thankful that He has opened that door in order for me to minister to others. And this word, my friend, came straight from the horse's mouth!

Forgive me for copying that paragraph but it is exactly how I know God is working through me and it blew me away when I read it. Your writing is a fine ministry to God and others who are looking for Him

You have spoken from your heart and have written it well.

Your conclusion would stand the test of the Bible. When others would speak of something that differs from the word of God, you can know it is not the truth.
Study God's word and then check out different churches to find one that sticks with the word in points of relevant doctrine.

Continue writing from your heart what the word and the Spirit of God provides.
I hope you keep writing. It is good to offer your God-given wisdom. Sometimes, I think, that is in itself a form of "prophesy." What is the purpose of prophesy, anyway, but to point to the message of the Truth of Christ?

I do not mean to go on too long in my commentary, here, or distract from your writing. Your piece is well-written, and it clearly communicates your message that we must hear the Lord best from His Word. But, I want to encourage you to test what I tell you here by examining scripture. Don't we all--every single one of us who is a blood-bought follower of Jesus--have a calling on our lives? Every time we interact with another person we are vessels of His love, grace, truth, mercy . . . No matter what your vocation or where your feet find themselves on any given day, you are a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto Him--set apart to be used by Him whenever He so chooses to use you. This is why we must always be ready to give an account for the hope that is within us. I didn't list all the scripture references to back me up here, but I suspect that you can recognize them anyway. Keep writing.
Amen! Excellent job with your devotional/entry. The word of God...our so important in all aspects of our lives. Knowing Him and His word makes it so easy to know "false ones" and "false preaching" when we hear it and see it!

The Lord certainly guided you into writing this pertinent piece.

Great job.

God bless~
Congrats! God bless~
This is beautiful. Your transparency touched my heart. It's not easy to be so honest, but the Holy Spirit was working in you when you wrote this. Congratulations on ranking 5th in your level and 21 overall! Happy happy Dance! (the highest rankings can be found on the message boards).