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Most enjoyable! Your title is superb.
I love this story! You did a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life. It felt very real, much like I was in the church watching.

Just some tiny red ink. When using words like Aunt or Pastor as a name it starts with a capital letter, but once you put the word my or the before it ,it's no longer a proper noun and should start with a lower case letter. I also noticed you used set instead of sit. I remember the difference because sit is something I do so it has an I in it, but set is something I do to so etching else like set the table. :-)

Overall, I think you did a delightful job in telling this great story. I wouldn't be surprised if we all can remember either being mortified by a sneeze at an important moment or breaking out in giggles in church. You showed that God has a way of handling things and has a nice sense of humor as well. I enjoyed this from beginning to end.