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Hilarious! I really enjoyed this. However, you did lose me at the Kindle part, (Apple fan) :D.

There were a couple of grammar issues, mainly due to punctuation and it was a little bit of a stretch for the topic I think.

However, I really enjoyed reading it. I like funny stories and I hope to see more of them!!!
Hahahahaha...NIcely done, and nicely told.
I enjoyed this piece.

God bless~
Enchanting! More! More!
Oh what a delight this was to read. I think your MC and I would get along just dandy except we would probably get kicked out of church a lot. :)

The only red ink I might offer is instead of using taglines, use that spot to show the MC's emotional state or personalty. For example: "What in the world was that about?" My husband arched his right eyebrow so that it almost disappeared in his receding hairline.
(It may not be perfect, and if your hubby does have a receding hairline, I;ll never admit to writing this...uh except you could show him...uh I know I'll say someone hacked...oh but I digress. Kudos again on this great piece. I think it may take someone just a tad wacky to fully appreciate the brilliance in this piece. (The people here will love it!--No, I didn't just say that! :))
Congratulations on ranking 12th in level one! (But in my book, you were right near the top of my favorites this week)