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This was an interesting read. The imagery was good. But it was a difficult read.

I know, I would have enjoyed it more if you had broken up the story into paragraphs and if you used quotes. It was difficult to follow who was speaking without them.

If you take a look at some of the other entries, you will get a better idea of what I'm saying.

I'm very eager to read more of your work though. This was very imaginative, and a unique take on the topic.
Clever job with this entry, certainly on topic. Loved the conclusion...powerful.

God bless~
Suspenseful and engrossing! Study punctuation (as I must do also). Loved your tale . . .

Was the sharp in the story a Great Horned Owl?
yes, it is a great horned owl... this is my first attempt at the writing challenge, i need to take everyone's advice, and learn to punctuate better. Maybe I'll take an on-line college course in writing. But,i must say, i really enjoyed this challenge. hope to enter again in a few weeks.... but judging from the other entries, I'll need to be sharper to win and advance to the next level. in closing, the furry little critters in the story, are really people characters in disguise. specifically Christians, the cherished furrows represent Gods' Word,when we stay within His boundaries we are at our safest. The hallowed tunnels represent our church families, when we leave, and go outside, or go it alone... bad things tend to happen. The wretched earth, and stoney ground, represent our fallen sinful nature, which compels us at times to leave our safe, protected places, only to find ourselves in a painfully dangerous places.