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Well stated.
Hebrews 10:26-31
A very strong and loving devotional...powerfully done.

God bless~
Your devotional is clearly articulated and makes for thoughtful reading. I think, since you asked, the word "innards" works fine. It is the things within that need pruning and innards expresses that clearly. Well done.
This was a very lovely and well thought out devotion. You did an excellent job in bringing home all of the points of how God's word pierces and divides within the joints and marrow to get at the truth of our souls. Thank you. I totally think you have a knack for devotional writing and will look forward to reading more in the future. God's blessings on you...
I enjoyed this very much. Most of my life was lived keeping things inside, so afraid if others knew the real me they would not like me.
This is very interesting and well written. Keep writing.
Your devotional was well organized and the progression of thought was easy to follow.

A bit of red ink here..."surface skin of us." A rewording might be a little less awkward. I don't think "of us" is needed, but "our surface skin" might be the way to go.

You did a great job of connecting with the reader.
You've given a good point to ponder. It is human nature to want to appear strong, as if strength makes us a better person. But when we humble ourselves to the Word, we don't become weak, but meek like Christ. Thank you for sharing this with us!
Congratulations on ranking 6th in level one!