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Wow! Great imagery. I didn't expect this ending.
Rivetting. The water being hot - that truly grabbed me. You made me feel the heat of the forge and I stood with Michael as he successfully proved His sword . . .
Fantastic! Loved this. The details are so beautifully written and the ending unexpected!
Great ending! Wow - didn't see that coming. Excellent job. God bless~
Such care went into making that sword. I knew it had to be for an important purpose. I enjoyed finding out what that purpose was.
A bang-up story with a great close. I thought it started a little slow and that it would have been better to open with "Is it sharp?", but maybe not. The finish put the polish on it. Well done.
I am smiling as I read this. What a riveting, up close and personal story of what goes into the making of God's protection. Thank you so much for sharing this. Excellent job!
Oh my gosh, I can't believe what I just read! First of all, I was totally enthralled at the immense and precise detail that you painted of what a blacksmith does (I thought you either do this for a living or did an incredible amount of research) but I thought that your intent was to simply acquaint the reader with these interesting facts in a very picturesque way which you succeeded in doing. But then when he had a visitor and we later learn that he was the arch angel Michael and how he wanted to use the sword, way cool. Go, Michael go! This was brilliant writing on every level. This is at least Advanced level writing here. Bravo, I pray this will get its (in my opinion) just reward. What a great read, you had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, even before Michael came into the picture.
Really enjoyed this - kept me wondering what would happen next, and the ending was perfect - especially since I am married to a pastor. What a wonderfully comforting image. Thank you!
What an engaging story! You tell it well. Keep on writing stories. Just one 'red ink' comment: In the last sentence 'whose' should be 'who's' (short for who is). But, well done!
I found the "blacksmithing" details in the first half of your story very interesting! However, the last half about the spiritual world around us but just out of our sight was fascinating! I love how the angel sped through the buildings "like butter"! I could just see it happening! :) Great reminder of our unseen guardians in this well-written piece!
I really enjoyed this story. I think you did a wonderful job of developing the character and showing the process of making a sword. The only red ink I noticed is near the end you had whose instead oh who's. Overall I think you coveted the topic in a fascinating and fresh way.
Somehow I knew this was a winner! Congratulations on you HC! Wonderful story!
Congratulations on ranking 5 in your level and 27 overall!
Absolutely loved this story. I held my breath through the entire story, I couldn't wait to see what came next. Brilliant writing! I cannot believe this did not rank first place but very well done! Thank you for this. Bless you!