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This is one of the heart-wrenching stories that many people can relate to this time and age. Things have been hard financially but somehow God provides a way for us to pull through whether in the timing of a letter or a favorite cake baked by Grandma with love.

I noticed some tiny things like missing hyphens in words like: thirty-eighth. Also you repeated some words close together like: for the chance to come in the third paragraph. That can be fixed with some sentence restructuring or another word like opportunity. (If you'd like more input or ways to fix it feel free to PM me)

However those little tiny errors don't stand in the way of your message which is sensational. It took me a minute to grasp the meaning of Grandma's note but once it made its way to my tired brain it spoke volumes to me. Sometimes life can be quite difficult and instead of taking it one day at a time I find I need to endure it minute by minute or step by step. A journey is far less overwhelming if you focus on just one step at a time. That is a beautiful message and one I'm sure just about everyone can relate to. You did a great job of pulling the topic into the story and ending it showing God's Glory even in little things like the sun and the garden. Great job of writing on this one.:)
Awww. Wow - I loved this story! It was phenomenal, and held such a significant message overall. Great job, thanks! God bless~