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This is a lovely piece. Your beginning was good as it made me curious and want to know more. It also set the stage for this lovely piece.

I noticed some tiny technical things such as when the same person is speaking and a new paragraph starts, you don't put quotation marks at the end of the paragraph but just at the beginning of the next paragraph and then when the person is done speaking , you put end quotes.

That's just a little bit of red ink that hopefully will help you if you ever decide to submit any stories to publishers. You did a nice job of writing on topic. I truly enjoyed the comparison between people and flowers. Once I had a vision that Jesus told me I was a mere weed--just a dandelion. At first I felt a tad insulted until it was pointed out to me all the cool things about dandelions. Your story reminds me of my vision and how each person is beautiful in the eyes of the Gardener. You did a great job on this piece.
I really like the lessons that this entry gives. Thank you for sharing it.
This touched my heart as it brought to mind a little girl who lost her battle to leukemia. She was a trooper and always referred to people as "flowers." She wanted to be an artist and famous. She lost her battle but left behind her drawings of flower people. The family thought of putting the flower/people into a calendar with word for each pic. The family choose me to do the honors of putting prose to each pic. So, this made me smile thinking of Melanie.

Good job with this... and beautiful message. Thank you.

God bless~