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Crazy how she found that cup many years later. I liked how her husband knew her so well that he knew that she wanted the cup and bought it for her, sacrificing the sofa. A good message here.

God Bless!
A lovely story with layers of meaning. Great job.
God bless~
This is a sweet story. I enjoyed the characters. Going to the auction brought back many childhood memories for me.

Try not to repeat the same words too close together. I think if you go back and count the number of times you used the word sofa and cup, you'll be surprised. One solution is a good thesaurus and another is restructuring the sentences. For example in your second paragraph, you can switch the sentences around a bit to avoid repeating the word with something like this: On the way to the estate auction, Mallory thought about what she wanted; of course it needed to be the right color, style, and size. Thus far, any attempts to locate her dream piece had been futile, but hopefully this auction would have the ideal centerpiece for their home.

I think you did a delightful job of writing on topic. My parents were antique collectors so I really understand how devastating it can be to have a set with a missing piece. It's also not easy to find a replacement either. You did a nice job of developing a few conflicts within the story to keep the reader interested. I think the husband was a sweetheart and chuckled about the wife's mini-temper tantrum. We women have been known to go sulk in the car. This was a delightful story. Nice job.
This was an interesting story with a sweet ending! Personally, I would have gone for the special cup instead of the sofa, too! :)