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Now this is funny...very well written too!
This was an enjoyable read. And, certainly on topic. Thank you. God Bless~
Thank you for sharing your story. I was confused when the lengthy beginning had nothing connecting to the topic Funny. I kept reading. When finally getting to the real funny story I found the humor.

A piece of advice: before submitting your article, use the preview to make sure the characters are what apply. Where I noticed what came across as intended quote marks were so many other characters that it was very distracting. You can use Preview article many times. What you submit is best when it's clear and cleaned up.

Keep trying. We have all been beginners.
I can certainly identify with your main character. Many times have I gotten so caught up with my writing that I forget the time or forget that I have not dressed yet... I have been late for things many times as well. Keep on with your writing... God will use you in mighty ways.

God bless!
This is such a sweet tribute to sisterhood. I could totally relate to the delightful characters that you created. I love to hang out all day long in my lounge pants or nightgown.

The piece is a tad hard to read because of the random symbols. That glitch happens often when instead of pasting the piece onto the submission box, the author attaches it instead. Something that should help you avoid this in the future is to make sure you hit the preview button before you hit submit as that will show you what your article will look like to the reader.

You did a nice job of tackling the topic. It is funny how the time flies when we are communicating with God or doing the work that he puts on our heart. Keep writing those stories for I have no doubt that Jesus will use your words in ways you may never imagine. Nice job.