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A sweet story with a gentle message. Work on keeping your tenses consistent. With a few quick edits, this story will really shine.
yeah, the tense shifts threw me, also make sure your dialog is separated. Lot of "stuff" going on in this. Keep working.
blessings - dub
This was very nice, creative. I agree with the above. Liked the end explanation, and the close relationship between the charactors.
God bless ya, littlelight
Some very nice things here (watch the present-skips and past-skipped tenses). Small detail -I think you meant John 3:16, not Matthew :)
sorry for not seeing the HUGE verse mix up! I should have noticed...
I will be sure in the future to look at my writing more closely
Yes, a sweet story. if you can get a hold of Microsoft Word it would be a huge help with your punctuation and help your entry to be more polished.
Some really lovely thoughts and ideas. An enjoyable story. Would be even better with some editing. God Bless.
Ohhh... sweetie. What a nice mother daughter moment. You're such a wonderful woman, and this is from the heart. It's lovely! :D