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It sounds like you have a really wonder Grandma who has a huge capacity to love. I had a little trouble in reading your story for two reasons. Number one, you did not separate the story in paragraphs (double spaced) and secondly, I did not see any punctuation. As you continue to write, I would also like to see more action in it versus telling of the story. Describe more in detail about what they were wearing, saying, giving me more visuals than telling me the story. I thought your story was very nice in that it showed your family's dynamics and how much love there is in your story. Keep writing!
The end gave me chills! I have no doubt she really heard them. I know God can reveal whatever He wants to us. What a blessing. Thank you for sharing this.
This is a beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes. 1993 was a rough year for me too. My mom and grandmother, both died within days of each other. I also gave birth to my youngest child at the end of December so I can really empathize with the feelings that Grandma went through. You did a nice job of showing how part of her may have wanted to cancel Christmas but another part that flowed with peace knowing her loved ones were with Jesus.

You had some tiny errors, that a good proofreader would help you catch like about is one word and a lot is two. Also make short paragraphs and double space them to give the reader that all important white space. (You may want to look on the message boards for a critique group or a challenge buddy)

You did a nice job of writing about the topic while still delivering a powerful message. you didn't come off as preachy either but genuine. All in all this was a sweet story that really touched my heart.

Thank you for this beautiful story. I too believe she heard them singing...God can reveal many things at all times, but especially to those who "need" something extra for peace and comfort.
Praise God.

Loved this. God Bless~
A beautiful story! It's obvious that your punctuation skills need to be developed. I suggest you join a Buddy group here at Faithwriter's to critique your work prior to submission.

Loved the title!