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I feel bad for the MC. Too bad her little experiment yielded such disappointing results. It makes me want to shake some sense into the ones who ignored her.
WOW - that was packed with emotions on a totally different level. It was a cruel reality check of how others peceive "the less fortunate" or "those who do not fit in."

It makes me sad to realize that this type of thing happens all the time...But, I also believe that there are more "good" Christians in the world then not. So, I may be a pollyanna type, but I will go with the assumption that goodness will ALWAYS prevail over ignorance and evil.

Great job...Excellent use of the topic. Thank you for making us all sit up and think.

God Bless~
Wow, this was amazing. We must make sure this doesn't happen to anyone. Very creative use of the topic.

Not sure "Sonshine" fits where you used it, but otherwise this was well done:)
This is an awesome story! It was a brilliant take on the topic and held my attention from beginning to end.

My only red ink might be to be careful using phrases like Sonshine. I knew what you meant but if someone was reading this and English wasn't their first language, they may be confused.

I was expecting the ending to be different. I thought she would reveal herself and make her friends feel embarrassed. However, I like your way so much better. It was so classy to exit quietly even though the pain was palpable. Nice job with this piece.
This is GREAT! So bad it is so REALISTIC. That HURTS.
A well chosen experiment - and it didn't only show that the members of that church were unable to respond to an "outsider" - particularly a weirdo - but it also showed that the "outsider" felt very much like one, even though she was just pretending to be "different".
I love your story! It kept my attention from the first paragraph. Until I got to the end of the story, I had no idea this was an experiment. I like that kind of writing. On a personal note, I believe this would never have happened in my own church. We make a point of shaking hands with everyone who enters our doors. We want Jesus to shine through all of us. Your story reveals, however, that this kind of thing I'm sure happens all the time. What a shame! Again, I love your story. It was very well written, very descriptive. Oh, I did notice in one spot where you put the quote marks inside the comment and they should be on the outside. Re: the SonShine comment, I would agree with one of the former critiques, although it put a smile on my face.
Painfully real. Well done.
Congratulations for ranking 6th in level one!