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Cleverly written. I enjoyed this. Well done! Humorous teachable message. Good job!!!
This was so well written, and amazingly entertaining. This was an innovative piece filled with great messages throughout the piece, and a unified voice for all.

Loved it! God Bless~
I really enjoyed this and thought it was a clever take on the topic.

My only suggestion would be in the beginning. While I think it was a unique idea to have a sermon be the focal point of the story, the first paragraph may have drawn the reader in more if you had done something similar to this: John dusted the church shelves. His hand found a crumpled bit of paper. His eyes bulged when he realized it was the last sermon John preached.

It introduces the main part of the story as a sermon but keeps the reader guessing and you show instead of tell the beginning.

I loved the sermon, itself. You did a nice job with writing a piece that held my attention. You also have a nice sense of humor. Nice job!
The sermon is great and found the all caps notes to self helpful.

The initial setting up of the story would have grabbed my attention more if it included more character - descriptive wording that gave it more life.

This was an interesting read. Nice job.
Clever, fun, and entertaining. I especially enjoyed this paragraph:

Auntie Pat was 5 feet tall and completely unstoppable. She had a stare that could kill a kangaroo at a hundred yards. Her exact words were, “God if you don’t answer our prayer tonight how are you going to look us in the face on Judgment Day?”

Oh my goodness, What a fantastic character sketch. In three sentences I know more about this woman than I do about some of my closest neighbors. (SMILES AT PRIVATE JOKE).

Oh, and I loved the 'caps' effect.
When you quote scripture, make sure you identify the source per the Challenge rules. (See below)

If you use any Scripture verse(s) in your entry, you MUST identify the source of the Scripture, i.e. NIV, NKJV, NLT, etc. by including a footnote with that information. The passage(s) of Scripture used MUST BE quoted ACCURATELY (unless using a personal paraphrase, in which case, no reference is required other than a note to indicate this was the author's paraphrase).

Nice writing. :)
This was great! Loved it. Good writing, great story! Well done! God bless!
Nicely done. I loved this.
Congratulations for placing 7th in level 1!