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Well you certainly have a gift of writing. Nicely done. Just try to give more white space next time...perhaps you know that and the "non paragraphs" were an error. That has happened to me one time before.

Beautiful job. Keep writing in His name - Blessings~
You make some good points. While I see the agreement between the wife and MC, I also see the disagreement between God and the MC. I think many of us can relate to wanting to ask God, "Are you sure?"

You may want to double-space between paragraphs to give the writer that needed white space. Also give the translation of the Bible when you quote scriptures.

I'm glad God called you into the world of writing and that you listened! I can tell you have a passion for following God's word. Nice job! Keep writing and don't get discouraged.
It is true the most important one to agree with is God. You did a good job.
It's awesome when someone acknowledges that God has called them to write. I encourage you to keep working on this calling.

Beginning your story with "I must say this:" is not necessary. Writing is about saying what's inside so to declare "I must say this:" is redundant.

Keep working on your calling.
Our lives are always so much more peaceful when we obey God. May He bless your writing career!