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A different perspective on Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Quite a few run on long sentences which clutter the story.
Aside from a few typos, you did a really good job with this. Good luck!
I noticed some redundancy in your sentences which made it a bit wordy.

It did surprise me in the the middle when I realized this was God's perspective.

Good story, keep writing!
I loved your voice - it does need to be solidified and consistent - but you're on the right road.
Love the picture of God's commitment to us.
What a profound rendering of man's failure and God's ultimate commitment to redeem us. Of course, the format needs revision -double space would improve the appearance and readability, but that does not take away from the beautifu,l descriptive narrative.

Some errors in sentence structure and punctuation
are noted.

For ex:
"Not sure of where I would find them I headed down the garden path that takes you to the fruit orchards trees on the sunny slopes on the south side of the river Pishon."

The above sentence needs a comma after "them." To tighten the sentence, you might consider writing as:

"Not sure of where I would find them, I headed down the garden path that leads to fruit orchards and sunny slopes on the south side of the river Pishon."

I'm sure there are other ways to make the sentence clear and concise with less words. Have you noticed, I also tend to be "wordy" when I write.:-)

A great visual of the Genesis story.
I enjoyed this POV from God's eyes. You did a nice job describing the Garden of Eden.

You had several little errors that a good proofreader would catch. In the last sentence of first paragraph where should be were. Then in the next sentence use should be used. Also when describe the path to the river you used the word "you". It could have been more descriptive if you said something like There is a footpath that runs parallel to the River. Try to avoid the universal you.

I liked how you showed God's commitment to humans. It touched my heart when you described how it saddened him. I think this was a creative spin on God's commitment to us.