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This was a great read. You did a nice job at building your characters and showing her emotions. It is hard when you pour your heart into something and aren't sure if it is helping. We never know how many hearts might be touched by our words.

My only suggestion might be to stick to one POV. With the word limit, it's difficult to have so many characters. Maybe instead of jumping to the new characters, you could have had the MC or her husband read the emails. It might help the story flow a little better.

I really liked how the husband supported his wife and prayed with her. This is an excellent example of how marriage should work.
Very good.

We never know how our words impact others. The Bible tells us our tongues (in this age, words typed onto a computer screen) can be used to bless or to harm. As writers doing God's work, we desire to be positive impacts to the world around us, sometimes encouraging other believers and sometimes showing unbelievers The Way.

Who knows who might be reading what we write? I think we'll all be surprised when we get to heaven and learn who we touched with our words. It reminds me of the Ray Boltz song, 'Thank You for Giving to the Lord'.
I loved was very encourageing and uplifted...we never know how we affect other people...God bless you and thanks for sharing...
Isn't it funny how just when we're about to give up, God does something grand to show us the way.
This was very encouraging to all bloggers and writers, esp biginners. Thanks for sharing.
I agree with Shann's comments. I loved how you built the characters, but yeah, in such a tight word limit it's difficult to add in so many points of view. The first section was amazing. My heart jumped up and down along with the emotions of the husband and wife. In this first section you took your time 'showing' us these beautiful characters.

The rest of the sections felt a bit squished into a small space, and we were 'told' about the characters and their feelings. But what else could you do in only 750 words?

Lovely piece overall. Loved the inspiring message, a beautiful answer to the ever so frequent question from bloggers worldwide, "What's the point?"
I loved getting to know Kathryn and her husband Michael. I agree with the others, there were too many characters even though I understand how you were trying to connect all the people.

Keep writing, you were drawing me in and I wanted to learn more about your main characters.

Beautiful job. And, this is so true for so many of us. God uses us as His vessel to reach people, and many times it can be through a "writing ministry."

It was wonderful how she let the Lord guide her and how her words touched others, through the Lord's will.

Nice job - I loved it!
God Bless you~
This was really neat. It keeps the readers attention and touches their emotions. Great job!
I think you made good use of a limited word count to pack in a powerful message. It started and ended with the same POV and didn't leave any important issues unanswered. Great job; look forward to reading more.

Congratulations Rhonda!!!
Yeh, Rhonda!!! I am so proud of you.

Fantastic work and great job! Congratulations on this wonderful story and your well deserved win.

God Bless~
Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations on your 1st place award.

God uses our words in unexpected ways.
Great story. Congratulations on your EC!
Thank you for all your wonderful words of encouragement and helpful critiques towards this short story. I feel tremendously blessed to be a part of this writing community. I feel doubly blessed to be part of such an amazing writing group. I'm learning a great deal from their experience, knowledge, honest critiques and unwavering encouragement. I'm taking a few weeks break from entering challenge, because of the craziness in my life right now, but I plan to return soon. I will keep reading the entries and try to leave critiques more often for other writers. Keep up the great work everyone!