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This is a great retelling of the story of Nicodemus. I think you really told it in a way that people can relate to.

With that said, even though it was in a blog format and you mentioned the word blog, my mind kept saying "There weren't computers back then."

I did really like the ending. I thought it was thought-provoking and didn't come off as preachy. I smiled about the reference to the song.
Enjoyable read...this kept my interest...God bless you and keep writing...
Enjoyable read...this kept my interest...God bless you and keep writing...
I loved this! Great beginning, middle and ending. My favorite part is that Zaccheas changed when he finally got to meet Jesus. And how he really didn't know Jesus name at first, but Jesus knew his name. Clever point.
So creative. Moved me right along wanting to see what happened when he ralized Jesus was all they said.
I could picture this little man walking the streets collecting taxes. How awesome it is that Jesus meet us right where we are!!
This was a fun modern-day take on a great Bible story. I liked the ending where the blog title changed when he changed.
Ingenious way to bring forth the subject matter - while providing insight and closing with a powerful message. Nice job.
God Bless~
Very creative and excellent use of the blog topic. I loved this. God bless you in your writing.
Cute, creative. Your title drew me in. Your content held my interest. Your reference to the song was great!
Good job! Congratulations on your win! God Bless~
Congratulations on the 2nd place ribbon. Great job!
Congratulations on your EC and on winning 2nd place in your level!
What a creative take on this topic! I would have liked blog headings to keep track of each entry, but your voice was strong. Keep writing, and congratulations on your EC!
I enjoyed your creativity with this Bible story, the tree street names, and the song aspect! Great work! Congrats on your Editor's Choice and level award!