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I love how you're able to allow the tension in this relationship run just under the horizon. Keeps the reader interested. You did a really good job. On topic in an interesting way. Fresh and believable. Keep writing.

A fresh and creative take on the topic. I enjoyed the story from beginning to end. Great writing.
This was truly interesting and imaginative. A clever entry that was unique in bringing a story forward. I loved it. God Bless~
This was an interesting story and I enjoyed the tension. The beginning was a tad slow for me. I had to read the first sentence five times before I understood it. A good suggestion is to have someone read aloud to you, if they stumble you may want to rework the sentence structure. The characters were intriguing. I could see this more as a longer story. I felt you were limited by the word count. Keep writing you have some great characters and descriptions.
The beginning gave me enough about the characters and setting to want to continue. There is a good sense of place in this story. However, there is a mystery that is unresolved, which makes me think this is an excerpt from a larger work. For that reason, the ending is unsatisfying. Molly interests me less than Linden!
The story was terrific, wonderfully written with great detail but I was left with sentiments exactly the same as Sydney’s. No matter the stories present scene, the unresolved mystery of Linden was what I left with. LOL Great writing! Blessings!
Good use of the topic to increase the mystery of his previous relationship. I agree, this doesn't seem crafted to stand on its own, leaving me wondering if its part of a larger which I'd be interested to read by the way.
I think you have a lot of talent as a writer. You painted the coffee shop scene exquisitely.
Congratulations!!! I knew you had talent and winning first place shows it. Great job.
Congratulations on 1st place!!!
Lisa, this is just great! I'm so glad your talent is recognized! #1 Way to Go!!