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This is a good devotional. I like the way you built up to the main point. "Curious yet?"
You may want to double space between paragraphs so that it will be easier on the eye. Good job.
Based on the guidelines we've been asked to use in our comments, I'm offering a few thoughts about your piece. (1) Your personal experience was inspiring and encouraging, and your opening was an attention grabber. (2) However, I felt the topic played a minor role throughtout the piece, and I'm not sure if the message you tried to convey came across clearly, and concisely enough after the first question; even though the personal testimony aspect was a good read. (3)Sometimes it's difficult to write a creative devotional, but you had a lot of great thoughts. I would work on trying to present them in a more creative way. (4) The idea that you can 'type' in your problems to God and find all the answers is certainly an idea worth sharing with others.
This had good messages throughout, and a nice devotional piece. I especially liked this part:

"The key is to be patient while you are waiting. Sometimes I think the answer takes a while because God is watching to see if you have fully handed the situation over to Him."

Excellent job. Thank you. God Bless~
The topic "search engine" was not the central focus of your entry. The opening paragraph (double space paragraphs) should ask only one question to grab the reader's attention. The other questions can be dealt with separately in the following paragraphs. Also, "mom and dad" should be capitalized. Overall, you have many great ideas, they just need to be sorted out and dealt with individually. Keep writing!
Your strength was criterion #4 (beginning). Opening with questions for the reader is a good way to draw them in, in search of the answers.

Work on criterion #3 (craft, predictability). This sort of devotional is very familiar to most Christians. To elevate it a notch, include personal anecdotes, even a touch of humor or personality.

Another strength is #6 (communication). Your message was very apparent to your readers.
I certainly agree. It is hard for me to be patient for the answeres but they are always worth it. g\Good job!
Good devotional filled with truth! I agree, we get into trouble when we don't have patience enough to wait on God's answers, we live in a fast paced society that wants instant gratification but I think God often wants us to slow down and hear His voice! I really enjoyed this!

Also, to prevent the spacing issues from now on, you might want to hit “preview” and see how your work will appear before you submit it. I certainly find the “preview” function to be a great help to me in seeing mistakes before they post and see what I need to adjust! Blessings!
You share very powerful and proven points. Your challenge to seek for and wait for God's directions are relevant. You could emphasize this truth with a personal example. Well written.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read what I have written. I appreciate all the comments. I am so glad I found this website so I can learn how to structure my writings in a way that has more impact and organization. I love to write, so this is the perfect place for me to practice. God Bless
Your message was very clear and precise. I liked the scripture, you used to back it up. Although you used the words search engine, it wasn't about the computer search engine. Several others used similar ideas. It is a nice devotion. I personally don't like questions in an article. For me it makes it feel preachy. If you had a part at the end for discussion or thoughts for the reader, the questions don't feel as intimidating. But that's just my thoughts. You can't please everyone, so it's important to please God. I think you definitely did that.
I really like your point about God waiting to see if we've fully handed over an issue to Him. I oftentimes feel as if this is the toughest part - not trying to take the issue back once we've committed to letting Him it.

I enjoyed reading this. I found it very relatable. Keep up the good work!
Not much to add to the good comments here. I agreed with your thoughts, found them inspiring, and would liked to have seen a specific personal example.
I guess the most difficult part is always the waiting and the going through. We need to be patient, and we do not need to question why we are going through what we are going through, if we know we are following the will of God. The next question following this is probably how we can be a hundred percent sure we are making the right decision, according to God's will?

You have given us some thoughts to ponder over in your devotional. A very well written piece. Just a thing to note when writing for print or online, always use the word 'percent' instead of the symbol (100 percent). God bless.

Congratulations on your 2nd place win on your 2nd entry!
Congratulations on 2nd place!!!
I enjoyed your story. One critique I have gotten on my own story is:
double space the sentences. It makes reading easier.

Julie Andre'