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I was glad it wasn't a surprise, granny's not dead story- I was a little worried :).

It's a cute story. And it rings true. My dad is a pastor and has been called upon for some strange funerals.

It's a good story- not too much backstory, gets right into the heart of the story.

The only thing I'd caution you on- the red ink stuff- is the filtering- which means instead of seeing things first hand through your character's eyes, we're one more step removed because we have a narrator. If you pull us in a little tighter, then it livens up the story a little (which sounds like a pun for a funeral story, sorry).

It's another way to Show vs. Tell. And you should know, it's something I struggle with. (Probably evident in my current challenge entry, too.)

Good work. (thumbs-up)
It is very difficult to show or tell such a multi-layered story in 750 words.

I'd love to read it again in a longer version to see how you would develop the characters - even your own.

Fun story.
Ha! This is great and I could see how embarrassing it would be. At least the minister didn't begin talking about the wrong person-that would have even been more embarrassing.:) Nice job! Being a people person it's hard for me to red ink in my comments but I wold say I agree with the previous comments. I'm learning myself how to show and not tell as much-although it depends on the type of story one is writing too. Blessings!
Nice story. I started to wonder if the minister was at the wrong funeral just a little bit before he figured it out. And when the thought came to mind mind, my eyes grew big and I thought, "Oh no!"

I've been involved in several funerals, having sung at many. And my dad is a pastor, so I relate on that level as well. I could easily put myself in the MC's position of being in the middle of all these strangers and not feeling very confident about officiating for something you've never met.

You switched from past tense to present a couple of times, so be careful about that. It did seem like it could have be a little livelier and with more showing, as others mentioned. Maybe more dialogue.

However, it was a nice story and I enjoyed it.
I thought this story was right on "target for the topic" at hand...Certainly, a comedy of errors, as the Pastor made his "mad dash into the night" after discovering the error!

I was pulled into the story, and perhaps I am a "strange person,"( I have been called worse LOL)- but I never seem to notice the past tense, or first person stuff, I simply enjoy the story.

Sort of like when a person is speaking in a "one to one" conversation... it is "natural," as if the reader and the author are having a conversation.

Nice job! I enjoyed it. Keep writing, and may God Bless you always~
This is a great story and I love the title.

I did notice you switched tense. You were using present then slipped into past and back into present again.

I loved the MC. He seemed very real to me and I chuckled throughout. Nice job.
Congratulations for ranking 6th in level 1!