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I love how you mentioned the peeled away of the fruit.. This is so true and we need to laway remember that it is not the outer peel/skin of a person we should see. It is what is inside that counts! Well done( wont forget this story in a hurry!
Good, Good bo bood, bannana nana bo bood!!!
Lovely lesson--I agree about peeling off the outer layer, then you really know what the fruit is, and what it looks like, and how flavorful it is--which reminds me of persimmons-ever ate one that wasn't quite ripe?
God bless ya, littlelight
We are all told "do not judge a book by its cover" but few actually put this into practice. The world would be a kinder place if we did. Thanks for sharing.
Short, sweet and right to the point! Loved your style!
Banana ... it is a silly name ... like 'persimmon' ... that has always amused me. But your 'silly topic - heavy point' was very much an important life lesson, which you brought out clearly. Well done.

This would be a GREAT children's talk, with lots of interaction and visuals.
A great lesson I taught to my daughter when she was small and one we could wish the whole world knew. Thanks! This is a great object lesson!
You never know a book by it's cover nor a fruit by it's peel or name...very nice lesson for all of us AND an enchanting read! Your writing is so easy and comfy, that it's a pleasure to read...and always leaves the reader with something to "take a walk with your mind"...or however you put it! Great stuff! Talent beyond belief - and I THOUGHT I could write...hummpf!
I love this concept: "Silly stuff I guess, but I like to take my mind out for a walk now and then, and this is where it prefers to go." You are one entertaining writer.