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Oh, how sad!

You've set the scene beautifully! I could see the run-down house, and could taste Charlie's stolen treats. But how desperately sad ... and yet that's life. Life doesn't always have happy endings, eh?

This is a well-written piece - good job!
I agree with the other comment.. this story is sad but true howlife can and does go for some poeple... I can see you contiuing this story and show how this could effect charlie later in life. well done
As adults we know it's not Charlie's fault - but children see things differently and you've captured this well in your piece. You've done a great job setting the scene. Interesting read. Well done.
Good job! Appreciated Charlie's perspective. The open ending also lends interesting tension. The only constructive comment from me would be to watch puncuation & spacing...I know it can be tricky though to post in the plain text format--been there! Excellent story!
Boo hoo! This was so sad. I would love to read more and how he came to realize it wasn't his fault! Very nice descriptive language. I could see everything!
That's so sad. As children we often misunderstand things and come to the wrong conclusions. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding could scar Charlie for life. Thanks for sharing this precious story:)
This poor boy. I hope that someone helps him understand that he was not to blame, perhaps in a 'sequel.' Bring him back some time.
Excellent writing and a great message. Sin has consequences and we don't always have time to say "sorry." Very well done.