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You've got it right. God truly is outstanding. How easily we miss and take it for granted!
You make some great points. I liked how you put an example of your on life in your message. It helps to reach out to the reader.

Double space your paragraphs, the white space makes it much easier to read. You may want to try smaller paragraphs in a short piece.

Also double check your punctuation rules. In the following quote: “is this for real”? you want to capitalize Is and put the question mark inside the quote. In the message boards there's a great thread (for beginners to Masters) called Jan's Writing Basics.She does a great job explaining rules I learned in junior high.

You've done a good job in making the reader think - like when you mentioned people pray in emergencies it made me think about if one doesn't believe in God why does he take His name in vain? You also had a nice ending that didn't feel forced. Good job.
Definitely an outstanding article. I guess they all were this week. Quakers have a thing that how god can attract men to him is that there is something of God in every person. i am not sure, if left to our own defices whether we every figure it out. I think we can pick out needy or ill-prepared