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This entry is this week's randomly chosen winner for our new little prize--a free ratings feedback report. The author will be contacted today via the Private Messenger service with more information.

Congratulations. :-)

Deb (Challenge Coordinator)

Wonderful story and congratulations!
Oh, I really like this!

I would have started with the second paragraph, and then gone back to explain, with something like "Thoughts of my childhood always [insert something here ;)]." That second paragraph has a much better "hook" that will draw readers in.

I LOVED the ending. I wasn't expecting it to be a tree. :)
The beginning maybe could have been a litle jazzier, but I liked the story. You held my interest and wrote very well. Great job.
great story. I am pleased you have got the feedback prize :-)
I can just see the author (on a future day) bringing his/her own grandchildren to that oak tree and telling the same stories. This was enjoyable and creative!
The story line was great. It was constructed well but had some structural/punctuation issues. Really liked the ending. Nice job.
I liked the creative approach you used to tell this story. I agree that the 2nd paragraph would have been better as the first.

Congratulations on your prize. I won it last week and was thrilled with the feedback. It really gave me a chance to see where my strenths and weaknesses lie.
The end came as a surprise! I loved the gentle voice of the storyteller and the enthusiam of the child.
What a neat twist. You got me with the ending to this one, though I have done the same in my younger years, though my choice of tree was a giant weeping willow. :)

I loved this--the heart inside was just beautiful when you reach the end and realize that it was a tree and a little boy's imagination. Adds a whole new layer to it. Nicely done!
Congratulations on ranking 8th in level 1!