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I wonder if a person who was blessed enough to hear the audible voice of God would spend so much time arguing with Him over a relatively small matter. Could Carrie have come to this realization another way? The dialog is well-written, and Carrie is a realistic character. Thanks, and keep writing!
As I read this I could almost see it being acted out as a skit. The dialogue would work great that way. But as a short story, I tend to agree with Jan. But great work and well written. Keep writing.
I think teens could really relate and respond to this story. Good job!
The dialog was really good, but I'd suggest adding little details about the setting or her actions sprinkled throughout the story as they talk. Still a great entry for a newbie :) Nice job.
Well done! You have some awesome truth in this piece. I especially liked this line showing how foolish we are when we don't trust Jesus, "I don’t feel You have my best interests at heart." Another great point you made about putting other things before God. This sentence is a gem too, "Life has its beautiful moments among the thorns." So true. Very good work.
A great first effort! I bet you are glad you were brave! I agree that a slightly modified version would make a great skit for teens.
Great story telling and very good dialogue: I had a wry smile on my face thinking about my own occasional 'Carrie' moments. How patiently He waits for us to learn that He knows best! Lovely. God bless.
A good entry. Can't many of us identify with Carrie!
Hurray, Allison! This story will forever mark your adoption into the "Challenge" family. What a great way to start your journey here!
Great job! I love writing/reading conversations with God. It brings out the truth of the matter in such a way to really inspire.
Can't top the comments already left here. Really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing!
I love the dialogue. This is exactly how we can talk to our Savior- like a friend and a Father all at the same time.
Well done. You write convincing dialouge and convey believable emotions. I've been a discontented single, begging God to let me have the guy who wasn't His best for me. I've also been a single who put the guy before God. An excellent message.

I believe we can talk with God this way and that He answers. However, I have found His answers are usually very pointed and concise and I am humbled by them almost immediately. I think I agree that there was a little too much arguing, and I would like to see more action. Still, it is a GREAT first entry. Welcome to the challenge!
A wonderful piece -one I could relate to looking back.
Nice idea for your entry. I think many of us can relate to this type of conversation with God.
A great reminder for us to trust, trust, trust our Lord and keep Him first above all else, no matter what our circumstances may be. Thanks Good job!
I agree with the skit comment. Great idea for February for a weekly youth meeting. Good precepts.
Well written entry. I could visualize your character so clearly and identify with her dilemma and her argument with God. One small thing, though, at the beginning she is rolling the rose around in her fingers and not getting pricked by the thorns. Yeggy
A wonderful first entry! I am so happy to see where your journey has taken you! Blessings!
Your creativity was showing from the very first. I enjoyed this story very much.
This is very good for a beginning piece. You should be very proud of your accomplishment. There's a lot of truth in here.
Great conversation here - and a super first entry! Gave me much to think about.
This was just wonderful. I find it hard to not laugh about the romance at age 7, I so remember those! Great writing.
I thought I'd look at some of the oldies. You've come a long way in the past six years or so! But even then you were an outstanding writer. Sure the topic wasn't dead on like you nail it today but the dialog with Jesus was awesome. I could so see myself arguing with Him too! I think it has to do with that control thing I often struggle with. What's so awesome about this is how Jesus doesn't stomp off irritated with the fact that a mere human dare challenge him! Oh no He just loves the MC through her broken heart while gently pointing out her mistakes.