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clever story :-) time travel and then finding YOU are the main character in the historical action, would make a great boys adventure story.
Great imagination! There was one sentence I couldn't David's had his feet carried him.. I guess its just me! I envy your putting yourself as MC.
A very imaginative story which took some imagination to read, including the last line. At times, I was somewhat puzzled between the narrative and the MC. It almost seemed David was having an "out-of body experience. Perhaps, I've stumbled on to what the story was all about. Though I was sometimes a bit confused, I do think you did a great job with descriptive, suspense-filled writing.
I really liked the story- and the creative approach. The story flowed nicely and kept me intrigued. Nice work
An interesting and enjoyable read! I've always enjoyed sci-fi and you have mixed your story in this genre with a scriptural event very well. Just add the imaginary with creativity like what you have in this story, and be careful with the spelling like 'Israel' in whatever you are writing, and you'll be on your way to good success.
Captivating! Thank you!