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These are some good thoughts on the importance of listening to God. I confess that is an area that I struggle with. I don't have any problem telling God what I think He needs to know, but listening to what He needs ME to know is a different matter altogether!

You might want to consider the use of more commas in your writing, as well as breaking up your thoughts into separate paragraphs. It just makes it easier for the reader to consume when writing is broken up a bit.

Keep on writing - you obviously have a passion for the Lord and writing is one of the best ways to deliver the message He has given you!
You obviously have strong convictions on this topic and you expessed them well. I suggest you use spacing between your paragraphs and watch for run on sentences. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas.
Tha nice start an a devotion. You make some great valid points. On the forums, is a thread called Jan's Writing Basics. She gives some outstanding advice for writing for the challenges.

I really enjoyed how you related real life experience. Keep up the good work!
i like your conversational style and i like the way you start by exploring and considering what is there new to say on the subject before settling onto the important subject , as others have in this challenge topic, of
communication between man and God.
I would have liked to hear some more about you and personal examples of times when you have had struggles on this.
Your personal, conversational style attracts the reader. Unfortunately, as others have indicated, the structural form takes away from a wonderful message. If you need help pasting your entry, or constructing your paragraphs, just holler. A Faithwriter will come to the rescue:-)
Some good points but rather tedious, preachy, and lacking in creative examples in regard to communication breakdown/hearing from God. In other words, it could use more showing and less telling. Add in a catchier title and a little dialogue and you may have something here.