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This is a touching story. I admire the courage of the MC.

You need to make sure you proof before you submit. There were several typos. You used show instead of showed, t instead of to, and said instead of side. That was just in the beginning.

The poem is absolutely beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. You did a great job getting me to empathize for the MC.

I really believe the poem would be a wonderful poster to be hung in every NICU.
This was a touching story (no pun intended)and I love that the babies survived. I also loved the mother's faith. I suggest that you use more paragraph breaks and leave a line in between paragraphs. It would be easier to read.
I love the story. The poems is beautiful. This needs more brakes to make reading easier. Something I am having to learn. You be supprised how much it help.
Congratulations for placing in the top 10 of your level.