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Oh how painfully sad. My heart ached as I read this. I could feel Peggy's fear of her father and those spiders. You had me really wanting to know why her mother hid in the shadows and did nothing, although I would guess she was afraid of Peggy's Dad too. I am however grateful for her revelation of God protecting her which left me feeling much better but did wonder about all the years in between. This would be a great story to expand on!
How painful and sad to know of precious children being badly treated. God knows, and He puts His angels charge over the little ones. Well-written story. Good job.
Truly beautiful and so very sad. This touched my heart deeply. You did a beautiful job with this weeks challenge. Keep writing and God bless.
Oh goodness. As an arachnophobic, I must tell you that your tale certainly gave me the heebiejeebies!! Poor child! I can only imagine. God bless our heavenly Father and His kindness in our times of fear! Your writing was great. Keep it up.