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This was so sad but great! I was enthralled with what was going to happen to Martha. Your ending with her Journal was positively heart warming!
I liked this. I wondered where you were going with the story but the ending tied it all in nicely. Pulled on the heart strings.
AMEN! You did an outstanding job and your story held my attention from beginning to end. It tugged at my heart strings and brought a tear to my eye but in the end everything fit together like a well worn glove. Excellent job. Keep writing and God bless.
What a bittersweet ending. Martha's life may not have been long and her words may not have been published, but they made a difference to those around them. Great story.
Oh! This is so beautiful ( I mean the ending too.)! Martha's journal warmed my heart. I loved your writing style all throughout. You have the gift of writing. Very well written. Thank you. God is faithful.
I agree with all the comments on this beautiful yet heart-rending story.
I too loved Martha's journal entry and her longing, above everything else, to see her Father's face. I remember reading a true story some years ago, very similar, of an 8 year old who had a shining faith and affected many lives before she died. What amazing miracles God works - not in ways we always expect or desire. Thank you for such a lovely story.
This was well written with a lovely, inspiring message. I felt that the doctor's explanation was a bit forced. His explanation was technical and complicated, yet the headteacher didn't query anything he said. I appreciate that you used it as a device to set the context and move the story forward. But I think it would have sounded more natural by being simplified or by having the teacher interrupt more. I hope that this is a helpful comment. Aside from that it's a good story. Well done.
This was a VERY well written article, a very sad but yet heart warming story that is very true. And it gets you thinking about how greatful that we should be to still be able to play outside with no pain or restraint. This was a very beautiful short story, and I always love the short stories that you write, and I can't wait to see what you have for us next!

Yours Truely,