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Very enjoyable read with so many emotions that I connected with. Also thought you wrote this well and really liked your good natured ending.
All I can say is AMEN. Right on point and beautifully written. We are our own worst enemy
Fantastic piece! I too have times where an idea is jumping in my heart trying to get out, but I have trouble making it happen in an effective manner. I then can slip into doubts just as your main character did. I could relate to this.
I had to smile at the "vacuuming was sucking up precious time…". :) You captured my attention throughout this entry. I think I may need to do a little self-examination too. :) Thanks!
This is really good. I read it thinking, Been there, done that! Well-written story with the point driven home (but not pounded through). Thank you.
I really enjoyed this! The first part is a little wordy, but when the writer sits down to write, it picked up speed and drew me in. The poetry is lovely! And boy, do I recognize that critic's voice! She talks to me all the time. :) Nice job on this topic!
I'm sure every writer on this sight has battled the same critic you have.

Red Ink: I noticed in some of your paragraphs you repeat words (such as vacuum). That paragraph could have been trimmed down a great deal.

Do you have anyone on FW that has edited any of your entries for you? Many of us would be willing to give you some tips. I know I learned a great deal from those who were ahead of me in the journey.
I can understand the feeling of what it means to feast on the beauty of God's creation from memories of a vacation. It works for me many times in calming my soul and inspiring me to write.

I like the part you wrote about writing from our hearts and asking God to help us. I do that when I write devotionals, and yes, if it's a message God wants us to share, He will move our hearts to know which direction to go.

I agree it'll do well for us to have others give critiques on our writings because it helps understand our strengths and weaknesses better.

Thanks for sharing this. It speaks to my heart and shares many similar opinions as what I believe is true.

I completely relate. I, too, am my own worst enemy. I can't tell you how many times I've written something, torn it to shreds later, and originally ended up back where I started, chiding myself for being so critical in the first place. Good story!